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Real Knowledge Comes From Segmentation

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Real Knowledge Comes From Segmentation

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Let’s talk sales.

You have a salesperson that is really trying. They’re HR Directors Email Lists out there every day making sales calls. They are regularly working the phones prospecting for new customers, and they are calling on existing customers to make sure that they stay customers and looking for opportunities for more sales. On the surface, they are the model salesperson. With one exception…they’re not selling anything! On paper, everything seems right, but they just can’t close the deal. In fact, they’re not even involved in any deals.

HR Directors Email Lists

So, what do you do?

Fire them and start with someone new? Eliminate the sales position altogether? Just continue to pay them and hope that they somehow trip over a sale?

Or, do you do a full analysis of what isn’t working and then get them the support to fix the shortcomings that they are having so that they can successfully help your company grow?
The deterring factor in the direction that you go to fix this problem is based on the “core” capability of the person that is doing the selling.

Your Site Is A Salesperson

Your online efforts, website, marketing, and advertising, has to be evaluated the same way. How long are you going to leave your website up if it’s not getting you any sales or leads? How much money are you going to continue to spend on digital marketing campaigns that aren’t getting you the results that you expect?

It’s Tough

Nobody likes to fire people and nobody likes to evaluate their digital marketing. Both of these management activities are avoided like the plague but both will slowly drain your company of resources, destroy your brand, and ultimately could end your business as you know it.

The first step is to know, exactly, what you want out of your online efforts and what realistic expectations you should have. Then, start the inspection process to determine why you’re not getting it.

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