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Postcovid online trends that are here to stay

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Postcovid online trends that are here to stay

the better. It is a fact that the increase in the number of online users causes an increase uk phone directory search by number in web traffic, so an early migration to the cloud solves possible performance and scalability problems in the future. He also commented that “in the first days of confinement we have noticed a drop in sales but, after Easter, sales have returned to normal.” In this context of constant change, it is especially relevant for eCommerce businesses  uk phone directory search by number to have partners specialized in the matter , who are experts in the development and use of effective tools to create uk phone directory search by number an agile, simple and 100% tailored eCommerce.).Clarity regarding delivery times should also apply to options (no longer available during the pandemic) with click & collect. If the establishment is not open, this option should be hidden in the delivery options to avoid confusing the consumer. . Adapt the web to changes in customer habits Being confined to home,

the igning their home page to adequately adjust to the customer’s (changed) habits. If the buyer returns to the web again and has spent, for example, a lot of time in the menswear section, it would be appropriate for the home web (turned into a sort of virtual shoconsumer spends more time than ever in front of the computer and smartphone screen, so online stores should consider redeswcase) to seek inspiration based on this particular category . In times of crisis, people are also more eager than ever for uk phone directory search by number distractions, so it is appropriate to incorporate a pinch of gamification on the web (betting, for example, on games like “Easter egg hunt” and rewarding the players with discount uk phone directory search by number coupons). 3. Personalization to power Those users who would like to return to a website should be welcome. Perhaps the last time they passed by they filled the shopping cart, but did not make the purchase. This circumstance should be noted by the online store (accompanying it, if possible, with an incentive designed ad hoc ). But not only “prodigal customers” should be in the sights of e-commerce websites.

Those users who have already made purchases and who have previously shown interest, for example, in beauty products should be treated with recommendations adapted to their interests. 4. Do not leave personalized advice in the background Physical stores have the undeniable advantage that the consumer can receive personalized advice from the vendors present there. This personalized advice is somewhat more complicated in online stores, but it should  cryp email list not be completely uk phone directory search by number conspicuous  uk phone directory search by number by its absence. It is important uk phone directory search by number that online stores integrate functionalities to guide the consumer in the search for the right product (subjecting them, for example, to a brief questionnaire). Another way to incorporate personalized advice to e-commerce is to bet on chats or video chats with specialists. 6. Make sure the client returns uk phone directory search by number to the web In order not to lose customers,

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