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How to Avoid Marketing Your Product at the Wrong Awareness Level

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How to Avoid Marketing Your Product at the Wrong Awareness Level

Problem-Aware: Your prospect senses he has Sales Directors Email Lists a problem, but doesn’t know there’s a solution.
Completely Unaware: No knowledge of anything except, perhaps, his own identity or opinion.
Now here’s a common mistake: a SaaS company will try to sell its software through its features (thus, marketing as if the visitor is in the product-aware or most-aware stage) when the visitor is only in the problem-aware stage.

You’ll be completely missing the mark if your

website is geared towards later stages when, in reality, it should be focused on the earliest stages. Avoid this mistake at all costs.

Awareness Level
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The first rule is to never assume your visitors are problem- or solution-aware. In fact, you’ll probably be much safer if you market the problem before the solution.

My second rule is that even if your audience is already problem- or solution-aware, you still need to remind them of their “pain” and how it will continue if they do not purchase your solution. Decision-making doesn’t just come down to logic… emotions need to be taken into consideration no matter what you’re selling.

For every email I write, landing page I build and website I optimize, I use the P-A-S (Problem – Agitate – Solve) formula to ensure the problem is properly nailed down both on the logical and emotional levels before I do the hard sell.

When using the P-A-S formula, you’ll want to follow this exact order whenever you’re writing copy:

You have to begin with the problem. Do not start by mentioning your product or its features. Your first priority is to clearly state the problem you’re solving, your audience’s problem.

The second step is to agitate the problem, or as I like to say, twist the knife. Again, you want to state the problem, but you want to make it even more urgent. What happens if the problem doesn’t get solved? How painful is the impact of inaction? How is this going to affect your prospects’ jobs, lives? Use facts, but also make sure to mix in plenty of questions and statements that dig into emotions (e.g. How would that make you feel?, What would you do?, Imagine…)


The third step is where you will solve the problem you’ve presented. Yes, that means you can start talking about your product. Make the product you are selling the obvious, no-brainer solution to the problem you’ve described. Always aim to talk about the benefits more than the features. Make your audience feel hopeful that their problems will be solved with the purchase of your product.
Copywriter Demian Farnworth wrote on his blog how he’d use the P-A-S formula to sell Crazy Egg, a heatmap tool:

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